Understanding ULAND Contract & Wallets (Breakdown)

ULAND comprises of Three (3) Internal Contract Wallets and Three (3) External Wallets to achieve ULAND’s unique Tokenomics. ULAND’s functionality is supported via Three (3) Smart Contracts.

📜 Smart Contracts

Responsible for all Land Asset NFT transactions functionality.
Address: 0xdb179bd2d66379f362982a0da692f6d6ec93372b
What is a DApp?

BEP-721 — ULAND NFT (Official Assets)
Responsible for storing Land Asset NFTs.
Address: 0x5C6cAE1919649CfcdD7bA4a539723509CFfC96b1

BEP-20 — $ULAND Token
Responsible for BEP-20 compatible $ULAND Token.
Address: 0x9789dF6753B7F813A1C55ed20eCF83571DfDe428

⚙️Internal Contract Wallets

Internal wallets are a mechanism to ensure only the contract can access the wallet internally. It gives everyone full transparency to what can be done.

An internal wallet cannot have a private key.

Liquidity Wallet — 25%
The ULAND Tokens (presently 25% of total supply) here pair with incoming BNB on NFT sales and intermittently add to ULAND/BNB as Liquidity. It basically works as follows; When NFT sales of BNB accrue and reach a threshold, it pairs with ULAND from this wallet and enters as Liquidity into our ULAND/BNB Liquidity Pool.(0x24554C414E440000000000000000000000000001)

Distribution Rewards Wallet — Variable
Responsible for reserving rewards which are distributed to Land Holders.(0x24554c414E440000000000000000000000000002)

Airdrop Wallet — 5%
Reserved for Giveaway/Airdrops.(0x24554c414e440000000000000000000000000008)

Please observe all internal wallets have non-public address and only accessible internally.

📩 External Wallets

Marketing/Partners Wallet — 5%

Team — 5%

Burn Wallet — 10%

flume🌊& 57 Pixels
Founders — ULAND

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Earn 10% on mints via our ‘Refer & Earn’ program: https://uland.io/refer

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BEP-721 ULAND NFT Contract.

BEP-20 — $ULAND Token Contract.

ULAND NFT Dapp Contract.




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ULAND founded in 2021 is an exciting one of a kind MetaVerse DeFi NFT project mapped to Mother Earth. Own a country, grow your assets & passively earn.