Understanding the Liquidity Wallet & Locked LP in ULAND

Hello Ulanders!

We just want to clarify some confusion around how Liquidity is locked after Sales Events and messages like this on Poocoin and what it means — Long story short.. it doesn’t stay unlocked for long.

On Land Asset NFT sales, a portion of each sale is added to the ULAND/BNB Liquidity Pool, in large-scale sale events in ULAND, such as our Country Land Release Waves or huge surges in Land purchases, due to the overwhelming interest by you guys the amount of Liquidity is spectacularly large, and injects in one hit.

SIDE NOTE: The benefit of added Liquidity into our $ULAND Liquidity Pool is increased Price Stability and a show of confidence and stability in a project.

If you look at ULAND’s Price Chart here for example https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x9789df6753b7f813a1c55ed20ecf83571dfde428 which have sophisticated monitoring tools, soon after our events, you may see a message like this: “An unlocked wallet is holding XXX% of the ULAND/BNB LP”.

This is to draw your attention to a single wallet holder holding a large proportion of the Liquidity. So Poocoin is simply telling you to trade with caution!

However, Rest Assured…

This is our Wallet used for processing Liquidity, this message is quite normal to see in ULAND and will show periodically; and I’ll explain why.

When Liquidity is added in ULAND from Sales Events, unfortunately due to technical limitations in our Liquidity Locking partners, Liquidity does not lock automatically, and locking liquidity is a manual process. It is done strategically and when the holdings accrued exceed a threshold. Once an updated Liquidity Lock is placed to lock the outstanding Liquidity, the warning message then disappears.

If you look at the track record of ULAND, we have been consistently transparent on when, where and how we transfer and lock our Liquidity, by locking, we show our pledge to the long-term vision, that we are building something big here for the long-term and we hope this is transparent.

PS. History of these lock events can be seen by looking through our transactions on the ULAND Token Contract, where each time we have locked liquidity in batches.

The Liquidity Lock Provider is Team.Finance (On Tx records shows as Legion Network: Vesting) and our Locked Liquidity Certificate can be seen here: https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0x9789dF6753B7F813A1C55ed20eCF83571DfDe428?name=ULAND%20TOKEN&symbol=ULAND

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