Tier 2’s: 3rd Land Release Wave Mints

Hey ULANDERS! Who is keen for the next Tier 2 Land Release Wave?

Thank you to everyone who participated in our current Tier 2 Land Release Waves! We have been strategising on a new approach to make our Land Release Waves tighter, quicker and more frequent to carry us through to The ULAND Game (P2E).


🌊For Next Wave: Only 250 Land Assets new mints will be available in TOTAL for the sale. Except Land up for Resale by owners, no other new mints will be available on Land Release Day.

😎Land Buyers: You will have the opportunity to buy fresh Land Assets at all different price ranges.

👑Tier 1 Country Rulers: It is a bit of a different experience this time. You will have the opportunity to unlock a maximum of five (5) of your Tier 2 Land Assets to be included in the next Land Sale Wave. No longer will you be forced to include previous Land in this sale. You will start with a fresh selection and may select any of your Tier 2 Land Assets to include in this sale. You will have 24h+ to choose which Tier 2’s to unlock for this round. This will be broken up into two unlock waves of 125 each, to accommodate different time-zones. If we hit the max supply prior, the unlocking capability will be closed.

Once 250 Land Assets have been selected across ULAND by Tier 1 Country Rulers via FCFS approach (First come, first serve) — Trackable by Counter on homepage, the Wave will then be closed and those 250 Land’s will comprise the next Wave.

🌊Our intention is to do Land Release Waves Weekly until all Tier 2 Land Assets are sold out! 😯

We hope you love this new approach!

🔮Not for this release but… We are considering Mystery Boxes. So Waves may release as 250 + 25 Mystery Boxes (Choose to exchange ULAND for one and, receive multiple Land Asset NFTs in one purchase.. what’s in them, is a mystery 😉)

PRICE ADJUSTMENT FEATURE: On Country Ruler Unlock Date, Tier 1 Country Rulers will be able to adjust previous MINT prices! Giving you absolutely control and selection over your Land to participate in waves. 💯

This is a highly anticipated feature and we’re sorry we couldn’t get it to you sooner! How it works: If you set the price higher, then you pay an unlocking fee on the price difference. If you make the price lower there is no extra unlocking fee. Adjustments can be made on Unlock Date, 🔽 see below.

This allows for greater flexibility for Country Rulers to set prices according to market demand.

KEY DATES: Country Rulers Unlock Date (2 Waves of 125 Tier 2’s unlocks to allow for timezones):

1/2: Friday 4th February 12AM UTC

2/2: Friday 4th February 12PM UTC

Land Release Date: Friday 4th February 11.30PM UTC

Get ready guys! Start looking and thinking about which of your Tier 2’s you wish to unlock out of your entire list and what your Mint prices might be.

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