P2E Game + MetaVerse Updates

P2E Game Accelerated 🚀

The end game for ULAND has always been evolving ULAND into our fully-fledged P2E game — the ULAND Game.

Everything you are doing in the ULAND MetaVerse today is building up your Asset collection and position in the MetaVerse, for something bigger, better.

A perpetual ‘Play-To-Earn’ game (embedded into the system you utilise now), where you leverage and play with the Assets you own, apply them to a game that you truly enjoy playing, and earn along the way.

The Founders have got together with an endeavour to see how we could bring forward our P2E evolution sooner for our community, and we have some good news…

After finalising our discussions on features for Version 1 of P2E, we’re so excited to deliver it to you, we have officially agreed to shuffle our Roadmap, and have accelerated the timeline for Version 1 of our P2E Game to bring it to you sooner. 😊

Our Roadmap has been updated to reflect these changes.

A complete unveiling of “what is Version 1” will be revealed in the coming weeks.

General Updates

Land Ruler Name + Titles 👑

From Tier 2, Wave 2, Tier 1 Country Rulers will now have access to setting their Country Ruler Name and Title. 🚀This is a fun feature which will be used in the P2E, give your Land some unique flair and truly make it your own to show it off to the world.

The Contentious “Land Renaming”

Initially, when designing ULAND, we thought it would be an awesome feature to rename your Land to something else, eg. New Zealand > Utopia.

However after much deliberation on this, we feel it would detract from the overall feel of the “Real World” game we are going for, and ultimately, potentially reduce the value of your Land, especially if you hold a Tier 2, and the Tier 1 owner renames the Land to something unfavourable.

However in place of this, we will introduce a tagline, such as “The best beaches in any part of the world!”. To customise and entice Citizens (more on this later) to your Land. Profanity and inappropriate content filters will be considered.

So whilst we intend to bring quite a bit of Fantasy to ULAND, on this particular topic with this in mind, we have formally decided to not allow Land Renaming at this stage.

Adjustment to Referral Fees

Instead of receiving 20%, if you refer someone and they perform a new mint (and you hold an existing Land Asset), to 10%, and from 10% to 5% if you do not hold an existing Land Asset.

This Referral Fee adjustment will take place on 20-Jan-2022.

The rationale behind this is as ULAND has exploded in value and popularity, it has deemed 20% is a little excessive (to some users, of which whom simply sell hard) and is not fantastic for ULAND in the long-term. Instead, the surplus 10% will be added to Liquidity.

We are continually assessing ULAND with a fine tooth comb, and scrutinising closely any components or mechanisms which assist to decay our token harshly which is not in the best interest of ULAND and our Ulanders.

Long-term, this decision benefits all ULAND Token holders by circumventing the token from harsh sell-offs, and enjoy the increased Liquidity and increased stabilisation of the price.

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Founders — ULAND

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