Launch Announcement: Tier 2 — Second Wave

A lot of you are super excited, and curious on just exactly how the Second Wave of Tier 2 Land Assets are going to work, and when Wave 1 will end.

How It Will Work

To begin, further unlocking on Wave 1 has now been disabled.

Our upcoming Wave 2 of Tier 2 Land Assets, will be tighter and shorter. What we mean by that, is less assets will be available on the market, and more frequent waves are going to occur until Tier 2 sell out 🌊

Our mint counter now sits at 545 / 638.

  1. Purchase of Wave 1 Closes — 8-Jan-22 10:00 UTC. No more “New Mints” will be available on the Marketplace, only re-sales of existing Land can be performed from this date.
  2. At this time event, Tier 1 Country Rulers 👑 can now further unlock up to 20% of the their Tier 2 (States/Provinces) in their Land via the “Land Management” Popup provisioned for this next Wave at their leisure over the course of 24 hours, and beyond.
    Eg. If your Tier 1 Land has 20, Tier 2 Assets, you can unlock between 0–4. (0 if you choose as a Tier 1 Holder to not participate in this sale). If 20% equates to less than 1 Land Asset, at least 1 will be available to unlock. Once again, a recommended default minimum price will be suggested, however you are free to set whatever price you would like above the RRP.
  3. Wave 2 Launches for Sale — 9-Jan-22 10:00 UTC, The Second Wave is officially released, and all stock provisioned for Unlock is now open, available for purchase to Land Buyers.

Land Assets Tier 1 & 2 are pivotal to our upcoming P2E, they are the building blocks.

Price Adjustments + Unlocks

Price adjustments on existing unlocks will be available roughly one week after Wave 2 launch, however it will be released about one week after the second Wave drops.

However, you will be able to return to Land Management popup and unlock more Land, you are not locked out like you were in the first Wave.

New Features for Wave 2 + P2E Updates 🤗

There are some new features coming as well, and some updates to existing mechanisms. Plus we detail a little more on our P2E structure, which is where ULAND is evolving to. Read it all in full here.

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