Introducing — ULAND

As with all great things, ULAND started with an idea. An idea between two long-time friends (who happen to be developers and incredibly passionate about Crypto) that got together one day to discuss the incredible advancements in this area.

Both have a keen interest in Gaming, Virtual Worlds and Crypto and had been discussing for some time how they could fuse their love for these concepts, whilst leveraging the power of the Blockchain.

In 2019 the marketplace for CryptoArt/NFTs started to heat up. By the middle of 2020 NFT’s started blowing up around the world. A record-setting $100,000 piece of digital artwork was bought by Token Angels. BOOM. They had their solution on how they would bring all this together.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could own your own Country? Now wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could EARN (just like in the real world) from owning these Countries?

On this premise, ULAND was born.

What is ULAND?

It’s the first of its kind, land based NFT that mirrors all of Earth’s current geographic location, combined with its own $ULAND token currency that fuels the economy of ULAND. Wanna buy USA, France or perhaps Australia? Or maybe ruling New York City is more to your liking? In ULAND, you decide! But keep in mind that every location asset is mapped to the real world, so there is only every going to be one Australia minted or one State of California.

Okay, so how does it work?

The first part is the NFT’s in ULAND. ULAND’s NFT’s have been devised with real, economic utility and benefit. Unlike traditional uses for NFTs in the digital artwork space, ULAND’s NFT’s are real geographic economic location based assets you can own; such as countries, states, cities, oil rigs, airports….. even the Eiffel Tower!

The second part is the economy of ULAND. Coupled with the location NFT’s we wanted to create an insulated and free economy where Ulanders (people who own land/location assets and citizens of ULAND) can freely trade and engage with each other, just like you would in the real world. Except there is no government and financial institutions to control how you do things.

We want to create an economy that is insulated, self propagating and safe. In order to achieve this $ULAND tokens were created as the form of currency within ULAND, whose value is based on Liquidity. A percentage of every transaction in and out of ULAND will be stored and locked away as Liquidity to organically and continuously grow the value of $ULAND tokens, thus creating a safe, secure investment for our ULANDERS.

Sounds good, but how can I earn?

There are so many ways you can earn in ULAND. Here a few examples:

  1. By holding your Land Asset NFT and earning Distribution Rewards from each NFT transaction underneath your hierarchy. The more NFT’s get bought and traded underneath your hierarchy the more you earn.

2. Buy, Sell and Trading your Land Asset NFTs. As Land Assets naturally increase in value due to scarcity, this approach may be of more interest to you. This can be performed with other Ulanders via the ULAND World MarketPlace.

3. By owning our base token, $ULAND you are naturally benefiting from price inflation due to Land Asset NFT buy-ins and other users on the token. Specifically, when users buy Land Asset NFTs, a total of 10% is distributed to the $ULAND token in the form of Liquidity, ULAND Grand Airdrop and Distribution Rewards, further increasing liquidity into the token.

Great, so now what?

We will be doing pre-sales soon! Where early adopters can nab their country of choice for up to 50% off the retail price.

Also we have created a revolutionary blockchain referral program where you can earn 20% off every NFT purchase that you referred. To generate your unique code visit:

There is only EVER going to be a supply of *248 countries! Get in at ground zero to have the highest earning potential…… Besides, why wouldn’t you want to own your own country?

Visit our website for all the presale info:

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates and giveaways:

Join and engage with our community in Discord:

*This number is up for debate as some countries are disputed and others are considered territories. There are approximately 193 recognised countries in the world by the UN.



ULAND founded in 2021 is an exciting one of a kind MetaVerse DeFi NFT project mapped to Mother Earth. Own a country, grow your assets & passively earn.

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