📣 Important Update Regarding Team Doxing

As many of you know, we have decided in this project to remain un-doxed (not revealing our full names) at this stage.

We are completely aware having DOX status in ULAND would help instil a great deal of confidence, ease and less hesitancy in the project, particularly for new Ulanders joining us on a daily basis and not having yet seen our history of firm deliverance on promises.

A brief story short, the Founders here at ULAND, 57 Pixels and myself had chosen to not be doxed to the public when starting out ULAND. However…


For those that aren’t aware, you have to be doxed to deal with the likes of some of the biggest names in Crypto; CoinMarketCap (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/uland/) & CoinGecko (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/uland).

They know our full names, they have our LinkedIn profiles. 😊

We are also doxed with BoggedFinance, Poocoin, BSCScan, CoinTelegraph (for an upcoming deal), other major crypto news sites and a large and a few small Marketing partners we work with.

Sadly you may not know us personally, but reputable sites and brands do. They wouldn’t deal with us otherwise.

We are real people, with real families. 👪 We lead a busy life with a huge passion for ULAND 🌎😊 Our interest isn’t, and never has been to scam anyone. But rather make an exciting and fun project, the world would want to play and turn a profit for our entire community at the same time. Long term vision, with long term goals.

This is what we can share!

I have a small family, beautiful wife, love ULAND and love our community! 🥰 I have close to 20 years in the development space, 15 of which as a Full-stack developer, with a love for games, laser keen interest in Crypto & DeFi with a more recent passion of the fusion between games and NFTs. I’m responsible predominately for the Front-end (what you see) with interactions to our backend systems, community engagement, game design & overall vision alongside 57 Pixels.
Twitter: flume 🌊 (@flume_dev) / Twitter

57 Pixels
Also with a family and wife, 57 has a strong interest and passion for software development with near 25 years experience, in the recent years awakened by the ground-breaking potential of Crypto and Blockchain, he has developed cutting edge Smart Contracts for the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Network and predominately responsible for the Back-end (what you don’t see), Smart Contracts, infrastructure and overall game design and vision with flume.
Twitter: 57 Pixels (@0x57_Pixels) / Twitter

Our lovable @bitsNBites and the three of us also know each other personally actually! Additionally, we have team members, marketing and other partners all around the world.

We hope all of this brings some comfort to you!

One of our major decision points against dox in the early days; the crypto space is brutal guys. We hope you understand, not everyone is a friendly bunch of people looking to be your friend:) You make a bad call in this space, or your decision doesn’t suit, or a scammer/upset user gets hold of your home address, people don’t always act in a reasonable way.

This is not to say our stance will remain like this forever. As we start to build strength, endorsement, love from the community and reputability in the NFT space this may change. I would love to tell you who I am, and I’m sure 57 and the Team would too.

We hope however in the short term, the community sees our results, rather than judging us on what we look like, for those who this doesn’t suit well with, we respect that decision too. 🙏

Co-Founder — ULAND

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