Goodbye 2021! … Hello 2022!

Hello fellow ULANDERS! 😀 Can’t believe how quick that year flew by and 2022 is almost upon us… and what a year it has been!

Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, DAO… MetaVerse; it has been a great year for all of us in this space. For ULAND it was the beginning and WHAT a beginning it was.

We want to take a moment to reflect on everything that’s happened since our launch and celebrate all the milestones we’ve achieved in such a short period since we opened to the public on the 13th of November (that’s only 7 weeks)

🚀 Pre-sale minted in record time.⏱️💯% of Tier 1 Land Asset NFT’s (Countries) = sold out!

🚀 $280K+ USD paid out in Rewards to early adopters. From Day 1 our investors were being rewarded with passive income, some at a few thousand dollars a day!

🚀 800+ BNB Locked in Liquidity. ULAND’s native token continues to get stronger. ATH $7 Million M.C.!

🚀 Listed on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap. Further credibility and confidence to our Ulanders of our MetaVerse project!

🚀 $1M+ USD Trading Volume in 24 hours. ULAND hit a peak of $1M USD trading volume in a single day (just recently) and #2 Top Gainer on CoinMarketCap.

🚀 +8,000% Token Growth in Launch Phase. ULAND hit a peak of +8000% rise in it’s token growth in the first week of launch.

🚀 2000+ Discord Members & 2800+ Twitter Followers. Real & Organic members, passionate community with genuine buyers. 👈 We 💖 you guys!

🚀 Approaching 75% of 566 Tier 2 Land Asset NFT’s (States/Provinces/Regions) minted. Lots of cool ones still to be unlocked in next release waves: California, Tasmania, Normandie, Scotland, Maharashta, Amazonas, Sichuan, Leningrad…

🚀 Grid-based ULAND World Marketplace LIVE. Huge feature that allows for easy trading and discoverability of Land Asset NFT’s and future ULAND In-Game NFT’s! 😘

We’ve already achieved so much in such a short period of time and it’s all thanks to YOU! Our wonderful and passionate ULAND family, who have stood behind us, believed in us, given your feedback😁 and came along on this wonderful journey. This is a passion and community project, where the founders have NOT taken a developers fee to date. We’re in this for the long haul! 👊

What’s coming in 2022?

2022 will be the year of ULAND.

2021 saw us test the waters and people love the concept of our project. A lot will happen in 2022!

Immediate Future — January to February 2022

🌍 More Release Waves of Tier 2’s. As mentioned above, Country Rulers will get to unlock more of their Tier 2’s until sold out. This will happen in waves. 🌊

🌍 Improvements to Map & Marketplace. More functionality and features:

  • Sales History — See how a Land Asset tracked over time, is the Land Asset hot and on the rise? 🔥
  • More assets via page numbers;
  • More refine options (mint vs resale, population etc);
  • Live BNB to $ULAND pricing. 🛒

🌍 ULANDER Dashboard. Breakdown of Land Assets YOU own — Land stats, rewards and earnings. Potential future earnings. 📊

🌍 More Power to Land Holders.

  • Price Adjustments. Rulers of Tier 1 Countries will be given the ability to adjust the price of their Tier 2 Unlocks 💸
  • Metadata powers (Change Land name, colour, give yourself a cool ruler title). 👑

🌍 Tier 3 (Cities) ready for unlocking 😱. Tier 2 Governors 🎩, get ready to unlock the Cities within your States/Regions/Provinces and start earning Reward Distributions, just like the Country Rulers above you. 🤑

🌍 COMPS & MINI GAMES! 🕹️What are these teasers?!

🧜‍♂️ 🧛‍♂️🪙 ..🕵️

The last one in particularly we’re keeping pretty hush-hush on this at the moment😮‍💨 It will be running weekly and will be pumping the value of the ULAND token, whilst giving a huge incentive to own Land Assets. 🚀

Stay tuned 😉


The answer to our biggest question: What is the End Game?

In the early New Year, we will be releasing a Lite Paper detailing a more concrete plan to our ULANDERS on our ‘Play To Earn’ Game released in 2022. This will be both important and valuable for our Land Holders and when Citizen start joining ULAND, as they will want to participate in this game to earn real 💲.

This game will take place within the ULAND MetaVerse and within YOUR respective Lands, so as early adopters, you will receive huge amount of benefits, as earnings will follow our Hierarchy system (Tier 1 = Countries, Tier 2 = Provice/States…)!

We have dropped hints and teasers here and there about what sort of game ULAND will be. Think Catan, Monopoly and Civilisation all rolled into one with an IDLE RPG style of play, with huge rewards back to our user and the key being — A perpetual economy, and actual fun game you want to return to, day by day.

But we don’t wish to give any more away than that at this stage😉

Full details will be revealed in a hosted AMA 🎙️ ran by our Community Managers where the Developers will reveal the game and take questions.

If you haven’t got acquainted with our Tokenomics Infographic (which doesn’t include the P2E game portion as yet) check it out! 👇

2022 will take ULAND to the moon. 🌝

As these features roll out, so will strategic Marketing that are in line with these announcements. Marketing is a balancing act and we need to ensure supply can keep up with demand as much as educate people what ULAND is, alongside managing your expectations.

It’s been a wonderful year! We could not have done this without our loving community and look forward to welcoming a lot more of you to the ULAND Family in 2022. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Happy New Year and see you in the MetaVerse! 🥳🎉

-bitsNBites 😘
Co-Community & Marketing Manager

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ULAND founded in 2021 is an exciting one of a kind MetaVerse DeFi NFT project mapped to Mother Earth. Own a country, grow your assets & passively earn.

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ULAND founded in 2021 is an exciting one of a kind MetaVerse DeFi NFT project mapped to Mother Earth. Own a country, grow your assets & passively earn.

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