Getting Ready for LAUNCH

It is almost that time… ULAND is about to officially launch. 🚀

It has been an exciting an month. Pre-sale/pre-launch exceeded expectations in terms of Sales, Hype, Community Engagement and Adoption of our ULAND MetaVerse. It’s been an incredible journey so far and we couldn’t have done it without your passion, support and love for this community project! It is super rewarding for the ULAND team to see the community enjoying what we created, provide honest feedback and also critique what could be done better! After all, this project is for everyone who is invested in it.🤗

As such we wanted to give all current and yet to come ULANDERS an update on what to expect and how to get ready for launch! 😁

How to get ready for launch:

During the provisional launch our Country Rulers 👑 have chosen which Tier 2 Land Asset NFT’s (States/Regions/Provinces) within their respective Countries to unlock and get ready for Mint. Now it’s over to you! 👇

  • 397 Tier 2’s are unlocked and ready for Mint across 151 Countries. During this round Country Rulers were able to unlock 1/3 of their Tier 2’s. More will be unlocked later down the track
  • All Minting and Purchases are done via our in-game currency $ULAND Token. Stock up on BNB! You will need it to exchange it for $ULAND Tokens in PancakeSwap.
  • ULAND has set a minimum MINT price for Tier 2’s, but Country Rulers have the ability to set a custom Mint price. So it’s difficult to give you a price range, however we can provide our minimum Mint price range: 10,000 to 2Mill $ULAND. Currently 1 BNB = 350,000 $ULAND approximately.
  • ULAND is compatible with MetaMask and TrustWallet. Just make sure you configure it to BSC Network once you connect to our site. If your $ULAND Tokens don’t show up, do a custom import of the Token ID. Any dramas with this, simply ask in our friendly community on Discord or follow the instructions from your Wallet, it’s really straightforward.
  • So what’s available for Mint? To see Tier 2’s available from a Country you can either 1) Search for it specifically using our new Search Bar or 2) Navigate to the Country you’re interested in. Click on it to open it up. Then click it again to show all the Tier 2's.
  • Don’t forget to get your unique Referral link. You can get 20% of the MINT price of any person who uses your link and then MINTS a land asset.

Why should you buy Tier 2’s Land Asset NFT’s in ULAND?

Tier 2’s are just the second step towards our huge MetaVerse we have planned. You are still super early and will be rewarded accordingly for being an early adopter! As a Tier 2 Land Owner (Governor), you will benefit from passive income in two ways:

  1. You’ll get Rewards every time someone buys or sells $ULAND Tokens. 2.5% is split amongst ALL Land Holders and HOW MUCH you get is based on the population of your Land/s. So from this perspective, seek out Tier 2’s with high population. *However, later down the track when we introduce Landmark NFT’s and other in-game PTE model NFT’s, just holding any LAND will be super valuable.
  2. Rewards Distribution from Tier 3’s. Once these unlock, you will receive Rewards every time a Tier 3 is bought underneath your Tier 2. Just as the Country Rulers (Tier 1) are benefitting from this the first time, when we are launched.

Take the time to familiarise yourself with our Tokenomics. It’s very intricate and our early adopters have already received huge rewards. We have paid out over $280,000 USD just in our Pre-launch… 🚀🤑

Look forward to welcoming you to the ULAND family. We encourage you to join our Discord as that’s where we do the majority of our real time announcements, engage with the Team with any questions and Land Holders communicate what’s for sale and open to offers.

Good luck and hope you get the Land you are after! 😁

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