Country Rulers — How to Unlock Your Tier 2's & Get Ready for Sale

Hi ULANDERS: Calling ALL COUNTRY RULERS! 👑 This is an article explaining the Step By Step process on how YOU can unlock YOUR Regions/States/Provinces (Tier 2).

Please read this article carefully as it will explain the exact mechanisms on how to unlock!

We’ve had a lot of newcomers who have bought Countries (Tier 1 Land Assets) since the last time we did a Land Release Wave, so please familiarise yourself with the below instructions.

For our veteran Country Rulers who have already been through this process: Still have a read through this, because some of the mechanics have changed!

Please NOTE: Countries that have less than 1MIL population aren’t eligible to unlock lower Tier Lands within their Countries, until we reach TIER 3 (Cities).

  1. On the 8th of January 10:00 AM UTC: Country Rulers (Tier 1) will be able to start unlocking their Regions/Provinces/States (Tier 2) and setting the MINT Price. FYI: We call it Regions/Provinces/States because every country uses a different word for their regions.
  2. How to unlock: Click on the Country you own and then click on ‘Manage’. See above image.
  3. Choosing which Tier 2 to unlock and setting Mint price: Tick the boxes of the Tier 2’s you wish to unlock and set a Mint price. ULAND will set a minimum Mint Price that you can’t go below, but there is no Maximum price. PRO TIP: Don’t be too Greedy! You get 5% of the purchase price EVERY TIME it sells!
  4. Finalising: Once you are happy with your prices and selections, click on Pay & Unlock.
    There is a minimal unlocking fee, which is 20% of the 5% Distribution Reward you would earn when it sells. That fee goes directly to our Marketing Wallet. Make sure you have enough $ULAND IN YOUR WALLET to do this.
  5. All Decision are FINAL: Once you have set the prices and which Tier 2’s to unlock, that is it! You can not make further adjustments. If you already have some unlocked from last round, you also unfortunately cannot change the price on these either. We are working on price adjustments to come soon.

Important Final Notes

  1. You can now unlock up 20% of your Total Tier 2’s, that have not yet been unlocked. We decided to keep the Land Release Waves tighter and have more little waves to help sell out quicker.
  2. Tier 2 Rulers: Please take note of the above, because you’ll have a similar mechanism to unlock your Tier 3's.
  3. Country Rulers: It isn’t mandatory to unlock your Tier 2’s. If you wish to not participate for strategic purposes, that’s fine. You can also purchase a Tier 2 within your own Country if you wish to do so.

Good luck and have fun everybody!

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ULAND founded in 2021 is an exciting one of a kind MetaVerse DeFi NFT project mapped to Mother Earth. Own a country, grow your assets & passively earn.

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ULAND founded in 2021 is an exciting one of a kind MetaVerse DeFi NFT project mapped to Mother Earth. Own a country, grow your assets & passively earn.

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