Announcing ULAND + Biswap Partnership

Hey Ulanders, we are proud to announce our official partnership with Biswap!

Over the months we have been looking to partner with another decentralised exchange (DEX) that will bring further value and exposure to our GameFi MetaVerse project. After much consideration and deliberation we have chosen Biswap and here’s why.

Biswap is the second largest DEX on BSC. It has been chosen as MVBII winner by Binance Smart Chain, surpassing more than 500 applicants/projects👇

🚀 Top 2 DEX on BSC on

🚀 390K+ User Base.

🚀 The lowest exchange fee in the DeFi space (0.1%).

🚀 High security audit score from CertiK (95) and SAFU insurance fund.

🚀 Top 1 NFT Marketplace for BSC.

For ULAND, Biswap is a great match as the services they provide will not only gain greater visibility and investors to our project, but give our existing users an alternative and cheaper DEX for swapping $ULAND Tokens at the lowest trading fee at 0.1%!

Plus Biswap gets to partner with an up and coming awesome GameFi MetaVerse project. 😉

What does this partnership mean for ULAND?

You can still trade $ULAND Tokens on PancakeSwap, if that’s your preferred method. However, as this partnership rolls out, new ways to earn $ULAND Tokens will become available as well as introduce our project as whole (Land Asset NFT’s + $ULAND) to a brand new audience.

🌍 The ‘Buy $ULAND’ button on our website will go directly to Biswap now.

🌍 MetaMask and TrustWallet (our current compatible wallets) are also compatible with Biswap.

🌍 Still set slippage to 9% to ensure the exchange goes through, but you’ll be paying a much lower exchange fee compare to PCS.

🌍 You can also become a liquidity provider for $ULAND on Biswap, just like on PCS to earn rewards.

🌍 5% of our Token transactions will now automatically get transferred into our liquidity pool in Biswap.

🌍 Biswap will actively promote our partnership through all their channels.

As we have established two liquidity pools now on two DEX’s, there will be two charts tracking our Token price. Below is an image on how to do this in Bogged Finance. 👇

What’s still to come!

Having an official $ULAND Token listing and establishing a new liquidity pool is just the first part of our partnership. Over the next few weeks more exciting things will be established and we’ll make announcements accordingly. Here is a sneak peak! 👀

ULAND’s Land Asset NFT’s listed on Biswap’s Marketplace. 👑
Since our inception we have been on the lookout for a great NFT Marketplace on BSC. With biswap we have found a new home for our Land Asset NFT’s to establish a new platform for secondary sales of our NFT’s. This will give current Land Holders greater visibility and exposure for re-selling their lands!

$ULAND Farming Pair/Staking and Launchpool. 💲
Stake BSW to passively earn $ULAND! This will gain massive amounts of exposure for our Token and increase $ULAND Token holders dramatically, whilst gaining traction for our project as an overall.

Keep your eyes peels as this partnership rolls out! Exciting times ahead and we look forward to building a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with biswap.

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