99.99% Tier 1 LAND Asset NFT’s Minted

With the release of our 3rd and Final Country Wave, 99.99% of Tier 1 Land Asset NFT’s in ULAND are now, Minted! 😁🚀

All the Countries in ULAND. Can you find your Country’s Flag? 😎

This concludes our pre-sale and what a pre-sale it was!

Highlights from the last 3 weeks:

  • Russia holds record for highest re-sale at 25 BNB
  • New Caledonia holds record for highest % re-sale at 1900%
  • 1st Country Release sold out in 48H
  • 2nd Country Release 93% sold out in 15min
  • 3rd Country Release 90% sold out in 5min
  • Total $ULAND Tokens paid out in Rewards for Land-Holders: 72,450,752

So What Now?

Now that pre-sale is over, the team at ULAND will shift their focus to two main areas.

Firstly, the official launch of ULAND! This will coincide with the release of cool new features and functionality to the World Map Marketplace.

  • World Market Place Listings — This will display Land Assets in an easy-to-use tabular layout, allowing advanced controls such as sort and filter.
  • Portfolio of your assets — Your earning potential, rewards earnt to date, breakdown of rewards ie. where rewards are coming from.
  • Metadata powers — Changing your Land Name, Cool Ruler Titles such as King, Queen, Admiral, Dictator.
  • Unlocking of States and Provinces Tier 2 Land Assets NFTs— Distribution Rewards will kick in for Tier 1 Land Holders and approximately 10,000 further LAND NFT’s will be available for MINT.
  • Start of DAO Model—Where Rulers can set custom tax rates for Land underneath you, voting systems, governance of their respective lands.

Secondly, the development of the ULAND game. Think Monopoly mixed with Catan.

  • Start of The NFT Marketplace for objects and buildings for further utility of the $ULAND Token.
  • Lots of feedback from the ULAND community on what elements they would like in the game.
  • Citizenship Identity and minting of unique NFT Passports.
  • Fleshing out of PTE model for Citizens

Important Note: From here on, all transactions in ULAND will be done via our $ULAND Token. That means all future minting of NFT’s, in game purchases, resource trading etc will require $ULAND Tokens to transact. Therefore we strongly suggest that you HOLD ON to your current tokens and BUY IN while the market cap is low.

We have been strategic to date, but marketing will get a serious ramp up from now, as we introduce much more exciting content and features in ULAND to allow for more activity within our MetaVerse. The $ULAND Token will be listed on more DEX’s and strategic partnerships will be incorporated with other massive MetaVerse and Blockchain heavyweights. 😘

This has already been an amazing journey and with everything that’s to come, the excitement is palpable! We are well on our way to building the dream of what we set out to create and rewarding ULANDERS every step of the way.

Join the ULAND community in Discord: https://discord.gg/YGc5tj4Nw3

Follow us on Twitter for latest announcements: https://twitter.com/uland_io

Trade $ULAND Tokens on PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

$ULAND Tokens tracking and market cap: https://charts.bogged.finance/0x9789dF6753B7F813A1C55ed20eCF83571DfDe428

BEP-721 ULAND NFT Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x5C6cAE1919649CfcdD7bA4a539723509CFfC96b1

BEP-20 — $ULAND Token Contract:



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