2nd Land Release SUCCESS📈

What an incredible weekend it has been! Our NFT contract lit up like a Christmas Tree 🎄 upon the 2nd Land Release Wave (2/3) and within 15min 93% of Countries were Minted. 1st Land Release (1/3) took 48H to sell out. Wonder how 3rd (3/3) & Final Release will look like…? 😁

Huge congratulations to all the newcomers who managed to snatch up a country or two in this wave. And congrats as well to our early adopters who increased their Country Portfolio!

There are only 248 Countries, once they are MINTED, they are gone!

You have barely scratched the surface of your earning potential. We are only 9 Days in into our Pre-Launch… That’s right, we’ve not even officially launched yet! 😱

Pro-tip: HODL these countries, because you will never again get to buy them at MINT price. The Unlocking of States and Cities aren’t far off.

A very apt MEME. Thanks @ Oracle for creating this 🤣

Remember: As a Country owner, you get % in Distribution Reward for every NFT Land Asset sold underneath you. There are approximately 10,000 States/Provinces in the world. And once Cities get unlocked…

Below are answers to the FAQ’s we had in the last few days.

How did you work out price, some Countries seemed more expensive than last time?
Prices of Country Mints are worked out with a formula using to real world data such as Population, GDP, Tourism, Human Index Factor, Desirability AND Potential Earnings for the future.

The 1st Wave started at 50% off retail price, whereas the 2nd Wave at 30%. Also our prices are set according to USD and then converted to BNB. During 1st Wave BNB was sitting around $650 to 1. 2nd Wave BNB was sitting around $600 to 1.

What sort of $ULAND Token utility can I expect for the future?
Right now, we choose BNB for Country purchases, because it reduces the barrier to entry. Soon, further Land NFT purchases can be done via BNB and $ULAND Tokens.

The Tokens are the currency of ULAND and everything down the track will be transacted via this token. Think: Economic & political trading, Natural Resource gathering and trading from your Land (gold, silver, oil, wheat, coffee etc.), buying and/or constructing your own Buildings & landmarks, Oil Rigs, Solar Farm, Casinos, beaches, airports… And later, the major introduction of Citizens via Passport purchases to maximum your territorial rule and income. 🤣🍾

But as we move closer to a self governance model, your feedback and suggestions are crucial to the development of the ULAND Game. Already we are getting amazing suggestions from our community and starting to include them as part of our Roadmap.

Another amazing Meme from @ Oracle. Perfectly sums up our Roadmap.

What kind of Marketing will you be doing?
We are starting to build a very fat wallet specifically for Marketing activities. It will range from trustworthy Twitter & Discord Shilling to Youtube, Tiktok, Twitch influencers and hard hitting reputable news companies like CoinTelegraph.

My Rewards seem to be less than last time, why?
The 1st Land Release Wave was the honeymoon period for rewards. If you bought in early, you would have only competed with 84 other Land Holders for those rewards. Naturally as we release more Land and the number of Land Holders increase, so will the spread of the rewards. However, over time you will get more rewards because more people will start to buy into the coin and through the release of more NFT Land Assets.

Final Notes

▶ 1st Wave sold out 48h. 2nd Wave 93% sold out in 15 MIN

▶ $Uland Token MarketCap steady at $2.5mill and we not even on CMC and Coingecko yet!

▶ We started with 120 Discord Members and 500 Twitter followers, now 1000 and 2000 respectively with minimal marketing.

PS. ‘You know you made it big, when people start scamming you’ 😎
Guys be aware that some people have started using ULAND’s good name for nefarious reasons. Please be safe, only trust our official channels and links. If ever in doubt, ask a friendly team member in Discord. We always respond to you!

Join the ULAND community in Discord: https://discord.gg/YGc5tj4Nw3

Follow us on Twitter for latest announcements: https://twitter.com/uland_io

Trade $ULAND Tokens on PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

$ULAND Tokens tracking and market cap: https://charts.bogged.finance/0x9789dF6753B7F813A1C55ed20eCF83571DfDe428

BEP-721 ULAND NFT Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x5C6cAE1919649CfcdD7bA4a539723509CFfC96b1

BEP-20 — $ULAND Token Contract:



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